Apple’s iPad, HTML5 Video, Gaia Flash Framework – JXLTV – Episode #3

				JXL TV Episode 3

I talk developing for Apple’s new iPad, how you can use your existing video to play on it. Also the Gaia Flash Framework’s history with a quick summary of what she does.

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  1. I never used gaia but it seems to me that gaia is focused on page-to-page architectures. Flex seems more component-driven and might be better for rich web applications or games. Great podcast by the way !

  2. Hi Jesse,

    I’d like to share some of my experience with and ideas about Gaia here with you.

    I’ve been working with Gaia for a couple of months now at my company.
    One of the first things I did with Gaia was enabling it to be used within FDT / Eclipse, removing it’s dependencies on the Flash IDE and integrating it with our ANT based build processes.

    This however meant that I lost most of the scaffolding that Gaia did (no JSFL for FDT) but I’ve been filling up that gap. Some (minor) code gen and project setup via ANT, some good base classes between Gaia and project specific code (which also tie in to our company framework) and a couple of FDT templates for generating pages make good for most of what is lost.

    The current version of all this allows us to do a project setup in about 1-2 hours (after a project brief and including setting up the project in version control).
    Adding a page is as simple as editting site xml, filling out a page template class and adding it to the ANT build (all together done in under 5 minutes).

    I think an Eclipse plugin could further speed up this process but for us personally it’s not worth the time needed to create that plugin.
    However, I’d love to see you and/or Steven Sacks create a project panel like plugin for Eclipse (and I do have a nice feature request list for it if you’re interested).

    And if you’re interested, I’m happy to share some of the ANT, templates and ideas that we used in our base classes.
    We maintain an opensource package at that might contain some (or all) of these ideas in the future as well.

    Thanks for the great blog full of inspiration, feel free to contact me through my email or via twitter (@TBrekelmans).

  3. Gaia seems to be a very useful and exiting “seasoned” project just like a good old wine ;-)

    I am glad @TBrekelmans has a setup in FDT that works, but please let me know if we @Powerflasher can do more to support the framework.

  4. I used Gaia for the project that I did but I was having issues with it, I went back to addThis which has a new Flash version I think its a lot better

  5. AIR app for generating/scaffolding Gaia project would be a nice thing. Soundstep did something like that for their soma framework ( ). I didn’t use it because it’s rather fresh project and I like old vine too but I’ve watched video tutorial and it looks nice. Off topic. I’m looking forward to read your next post on using RobotLegs with Gaia.

  6. try as i may, i just cant watch video when i know i could read what your talking about much faster.

  7. Regarding RobotLegs and Gaia, I whipped up a proof-of-concept site on a Gaia site shell that involves hooking up all on-stage textfields and other display objects to a global F*CSS stylesheet. Class dot selectors in the stylesheet are used to auto-wire all class definitions to default behaviour-style mediators which, by default, apply properties/behaviours automatically to any on-stage component. It’s like a CSS styling/selector engine running on the Flash platform.

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