Adobe, Please Bring Flash Builder Up To Par

This post is long overdue, and I want to personally apologize to Adobe for taking so long to post it. Adobe (Macromedia?) thrives on customer feedback, early, and makes a serious effort to prioritize on it whilst comparing to their own market research data they do by proactively reaching out. I haven’t done this in a long while, focusing on business vs. the actual tools & runtimes.

It’s long overdue. Flash Builder 4 is a mess, and hopefully fixing/improving the following items will bring it up to par.  If you are a product engineer, skip the intro.

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How Recruiters Can Hire Flex Developers

The following article is for both recruiters, and interviewers. After doing hiring, getting hired, and helping facilitate others getting connected, there seems to be a lot of confusion in our industry about how Flex Developers work. The following article describes the different types of Flex Developers, their rates, and how to interview & hire them.

Please keep in mind the following is full of (accurate) generalities to make things more concise and easier to understand.  The Flash/Flex community is very diverse, and as such there are many exceptions to the below.

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Cocoa Chronicles #1: ActionScript vs. Objective C

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*** Update: Paul Taylor (@guyinthechair) has a more recent post on the same subject. ***

*** NOTE: I’m a n00b at Cocoa and Objective C. Unlike Python, I don’t like learning it, either. If you perceive something below is inaccurate, please comment, and I’ll update. ***


I was having a lot of fun using the iPhone packager. Then Apple changed their licensing to prevent people like me from using ActionScript for iPhone/iPad, and instead being forced to use their toolsets, or those unofficially approved. At first I was furious. Then I tried to get a simple list to scroll in AS3. Even using a fake mask, device fonts, and cacheAsBitmap for all items + container, it just wasn’t smooth, even with just 30 items, regardless of frame rate. If you use an out of the box UITableView in Cocoa, it “just works”.

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What I Learned From 360Flex 2010


I attended and spoke at the 360 Flex conference in San Jose this year. Before the high fades away, I wanted to post what I learned last week for a few reasons. First, to share with others. Second, to share for those who didn’t attend, but might if they feel they’d gain something from it. Third, a growing number of Flex devs, albeit really small, feel they don’t gain much from conferences. I wanted to show a potential counterpoint to this in hopes it’ll convert them back.

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