I write code, front end and back-end, and like deploying it on AWS. Software Developer for 20 years, and still love it. Freelanced, worked with startups, attempted my own software products, ran a consulting shop with some partners, consulted at large enterprises with Accenture, and now write software at Capital One.

Career has mostly been all about building UI’s.

Started with Director and Lingo. First job, I transitioned over to Flash and ActionScript to make working with designers easier. As my programming skills grew, I transitioned to Flex to take on larger software projects. When Flash Player died because of the iPhone, I transitioned to JavaScript and Backbone, then Angular, and now React. I also started doing more back-end API work using Node. Past 4 years I’ve been focused on Functional Programming and serverless.

I used to be in the conference circuit and loved speaking all around the world at various user groups, conferences, and workshops. Speaking about tech you are passionate about in front of large, eager groups of strangers is intoxicating.

I always try to blog my learning experiences in hopes it’ll help others learn it faster and easier than I did at https://jessewarden.com. I also like creating YouTube videos on my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzBDmYcmynHX7mELvD0sWEA to help people learn both beginner and advanced programming… but mostly to make them laugh. And learn.

Outside of tech, I alternate between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. I love Parkour when it’s warm outside.

You had me at “Elm, FP, Lambda, Step Functions, and free coffee…”

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