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  1. Hi Jesse,

    I found your site on Stack overflow.

    I have an old app (Childrens animated book) that I created all the way back in 2012 in Corona SDK.

    It doesnt work in the latest version as there is no Storyboard, and I dont have expertise to fix it :(

    Would this be something you might be interested in helping with? Very happy to pay for time etc.

    Basically, I now have son, and I would love for him to be able to play with app.

    Kind regards,


    1. No clue, but Corona was always fun to learn, post the code somewhere on Github or for download. Corona went open source and I think changed the name, so the code and compiler are actually possibly easier to futz with. Anyway, hit me up at jesterxl@jessewarden.com and I’ll try, no promises as I’m rusty.

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