Conferences, Why Frameworks, Cairngorm 3 – JXLTV – Episode #2

				JXL TV Episode 2

Jesse talks about upcoming conferences, why use a framework, clearing up whether or not he’d use Cairngorm 3 on a project, and MLK quotes of note.

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  1. I love Sammy Smith! Been drinking them for years, and recently there’s been a spate of other Oatmeal stout makers, but nobody makes it like Sammy!

  2. Great content this week Jesse.

    I’m with ya on the value of frameworks, especially as it relates to learning an appropriate implementation of a pattern. I’m looking forward to getting a stronger grasp on Mediators and DI as I implement RobotLegs in a current project.

    My favorite line “software is very hard”. That’s saying a mouthful.

    Well done!

  3. Oatmeal Stout FTW! Lol, great video as usual, keep them up. Switched over to robot legs on a big project I’m working on (mostly through your promoting) and so far it’s been amazing. Though I def still don’t fully grasp how to use the commands in my context, but that seems to be a great benefit of RL in that you can use as much or as little of it as you like.

  4. Just wanted to say I really do agree with you explanation of flex, and frameworks. I also have to say that I can rapid prototype faster in flex then IDE, or pure as3(MTASC compiler); sometimes you want a tiny app, so use the IDE, but debugging alone is enough reason alone to go flex. I will never return to the IDE to write another scrap of code. Make an asset? yes, to write an app, no way.
    on flex like glue since 2006,
    ain’t it sticky?

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