Some Notes To Consider on the Technical Difficulties with

I’m not involved. I am not saying I’m for/against ACA. That said, a few things I’ve gleaned from a few of the technical views on the internet that weren’t from a higher profile source such as the NY Times:

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30 Minutes With Ember

I looked at EmberJS yesterday again because 2 leads recently were requesting it. It had been over a year since I looked at it before… or like 3 months before Google started backing Angular. In my business, my tech choice(s) are dictated by my clients and/or hiring firm. From a 30,000ft view, it’s just like Backbone but with built-in integration with and embracement of Handlebars with more helper classes.

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Taking Corona SDK to the Next Level

tl;dr; There is a larger opportunity in cross platform mobile application development that Corona SDK is missing out on. To solve this, Corona needs to invest in a version 3, mobile OS specific mobile component/widget set, C# compiling down to Lua, and invest in a proper, official IDE.


If I were given a few million dollars to mold Corona SDK into what I believe it needs to become, here’s what I’d do. In order of priority I’d focus specifically on building a component library, making a more stringent roadmap for the current API in Lua, and continually improving the existing workflow. All 3 will help increase Corona’s uptake by developers who specifically target “mobile first”, increase desire by those working in agencies who wish to have a quick way to target multiple device OS’, and most importantly broaden Corona’s ability to quickly iterate on mobile applications vs. the existing game focus.

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