Product Class Update

I documented, to the best of my second-hand knowledge and ability, the Product class, garnered from System.Product, on the <a href=””>Flashcoders Wiki</a>.

Top 11 Unusual Source Code Comments

This so made my day. Funny stuff if your a coder.

<a href=”″></a>

Product Class: System.Product

Homeskillet on the list found something he shouldn’t (unless he’s from the beta and is violating his NDA).

Without divulging what I know, here is the code from the <a href=”″>thread</a>:

foo=new System.product(“blah”);;

I showed the variables, and the output actually describes foo as an instance of the Product class. Interesting…

Meanwhile, I’ve been running a SWF in the background for a few hours now that is looping through every single level between 1 and 3 million. It should be done in a few hours, and by then, I’ll at least know what level that movie is on so we may be able to find out more about it.

Thought Provoking Overload

I like thought provoking email signatures, I really do. However, sometimes, you see the same one so many times, and your so… over it. Like, I’ve already had a grand vision of Gandhi explaining to me how I must not seek what I must do with my future by outside stimuli, but rather, look within’ and massage my tummy while doing so.

…ok, maybe that was a bad trip, but the point is, I’ve started to replace some of those with none-to-witful replacements just so when I see them, instead of going, “Get out of the clouds, hippy!”, I instead laugh. You should try it too.

Here’s an example:

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

Can be replaced by:

“Life is not measured by the number of cows we put out to pasture, but by the pastures that our cows take away.”