OS Scrollbars Preview

Per Brandy’s request. No preloader, but you’ll live. Type in the text fields to see the scrollbars work. There is a slight redraw bug with the OSX channels, but we are aware of it, and will fix that in v1.1.

Don’t know if your religious, but pray John and I win!!!

<a href=”https://www.jessewarden.com/flash/os_scrollbars_preview.swf”>OS Scrollbars Preview – SWF File</a>

4 Replies to “OS Scrollbars Preview”

  1. John actually has an auto-detect scrollbar in their which attaches the appropriate scrollbar. We didn’t get the chance to add a LivePreivew to it, which I think is the cause if it not auto-matically getting the text field instance name you dropped it onto.

    The contest is for ActionScripts.org, although, it was over at April 14th at midnight, but there might still be time. Tech contests usually allow late entries. Besides, they need components for their site anyway.

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