BTW, I found that previous article’s site via the new Blog/Weblog/Journal search engine, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Roogle</a>. Not bad for a first impression of a search engine. They say they are gonna change the name, but anyone in software development knows the name never changes… that’s why programmers freak out when they can’t come up with a variable name that fits.

Was searching for the word <b>flash</b>, and it came up.

<a href=”″></a>
<a href=””></a>


Man, does listening to <a href=””>this</a> make me not wanna work! After ranting with Steven over @ Round Box Media Parrappa the Rappa quotes on <a href=””>Flashcoders</a>, <a href=””>Chridmeister</a> let us know of a phat gaming radio website dedicated to game music, <a href=””></a>. I listen to internet radio all the time, but this was totally different for me. Usually I’d listen to an old MIDI on a Friday night when too tired to go clubbin’, but this is an all day affair of game music.

I swear I wanna go home now and re-mix some Final Fantasy 3 tunes…

Eat Lunch & Be Happy

Eat Lunch: <a href=”!.jpg” target=”_blank”>Ouch Daddy!</a>

Be Happy: <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Be Happy!</a>