Flash and the City Speaker Video: Kill the Yellow Box

We were told to create a promotional video for Flash and the City, a Flash & Flex conference up in New York May 14th – 16th. The criteria was to talk about what we were excited about. …Dude, a bunch of high profile speakers talking about both Flash and Flex in Manhattan… what do the attendee’s REALLY need to know beyond they need to go?

Instead, I made mine about killing that stupid yellow box in Adobe LiveDocs. You can hide it, but since I’m a developer and clear my cookies all the time, it comes back. I’m speaking about Robotlegs on top of Gaia, a preso I’ve been tweaking for a couple months now.

Enjoy, and see you in New York!

Flash and the City - Kill the Yellow Box

5 Replies to “Flash and the City Speaker Video: Kill the Yellow Box”

  1. You know what would be cool, is if you wrote about how you made this? Give us dev-types some insight into what’s required for a production like this.

    Looks really good, too.

  2. Can’t wait for this damn conference and especially to finally meet some of the greats like you and Grant!

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