Flash and the City Speaker Video: Kill the Yellow Box

We were told to create a promotional video for Flash and the City, a Flash & Flex conference up in New York May 14th – 16th. The criteria was to talk about what we were excited about. …Dude, a bunch of high profile speakers talking about both Flash and Flex in Manhattan… what do the attendee’s REALLY need to know beyond they need to go?

Instead, I made mine about killing that stupid yellow box in Adobe LiveDocs. You can hide it, but since I’m a developer and clear my cookies all the time, it comes back. I’m speaking about Robotlegs on top of Gaia, a preso I’ve been tweaking for a couple months now.

Enjoy, and see you in New York!

Flash and the City - Kill the Yellow Box

5 Replies to “Flash and the City Speaker Video: Kill the Yellow Box”

  1. You know what would be cool, is if you wrote about how you made this? Give us dev-types some insight into what’s required for a production like this.

    Looks really good, too.

  2. Can’t wait for this damn conference and especially to finally meet some of the greats like you and Grant!

  3. That is pretty fn sick.

    You should start a comic book: Jesse Warden and the Master Flash. (Guest Starring Doug “Shirtless” McCune.)

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