What I Learned From Microsoft MIX 2010

*** I apologize for the “…”; this is a stream of conscious post about my experiences.  Some of it is cohesive, some not. ***

I attended Microsoft’s MIX 2010 conference in Las Vegas the week after 360Flex.  I had previously attended I think the 2007 or 2008 one.  I had actually recorded a lot of video from the first one and trashed all of it.  The 200x one was an EXTREMELY weird conference.  It occured in the Venetian, the same hotel that Adobe’s MAX was at.  So, I had the opportunity to see the vibe differences between the 2 communities, and whoa man… what a difference.

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What I Learned From 360Flex 2010


I attended and spoke at the 360 Flex conference in San Jose this year. Before the high fades away, I wanted to post what I learned last week for a few reasons. First, to share with others. Second, to share for those who didn’t attend, but might if they feel they’d gain something from it. Third, a growing number of Flex devs, albeit really small, feel they don’t gain much from conferences. I wanted to show a potential counterpoint to this in hopes it’ll convert them back.

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Flash and the City Speaker Video: Kill the Yellow Box

We were told to create a promotional video for Flash and the City, a Flash & Flex conference up in New York May 14th – 16th. The criteria was to talk about what we were excited about. …Dude, a bunch of high profile speakers talking about both Flash and Flex in Manhattan… what do the attendee’s REALLY need to know beyond they need to go?

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Back in the Consulting Game

I put in my 2 weeks notice 3 weeks ago at Multicast Media Technologies, a Live and On Demand Online Video company here in Atlanta. I was originally hired as a Flex Consultant back in March of 2007. I had taken a 3 month sabbatical to find a product company that jived with my goals, but mostly to play XBox for 2 1/2 months. After that, my wife and I jetted to Sydney, Australia so we could both speak at WebDU 2007 (she got the bigger room). I was pretty re-charged to do some Flex work that March. I even got the opportunity to don the khakis and do some on-site client consulting in California. About 5 months into it, they offered me a W2 position, and I accepted. I still kept the flip-flops.
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