Usability for Designers & Developers This Thursday

Who: Brandy Fortune
What: Usability for Designers & Developers
Where: RoundBox Global (Directions)
When: Thursday, May 8 at 6:30PM

Usability for Designers & Developers
Have you ever wished you had factual data to show your manager in order to prove a point about functionality you believed strongly in including or removing? Have you ever gotten frustrated by your clients requesting you change an image or add a button to a page? Have you ever wondered if in the end the design changed so many times it lost its original purpose?
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Post Microsoft MIX 2008 Thoughts

If you are in a hurry, here are some links with excerpts about the section.


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Speaking at 360Flex: Making Bling with Flex

I’m speaking at 360Flex next week, Feburary 25th at 4:00 pm. My topic is officially called “Big and Famous: How to Succeed as an Independent Developer”. My topic will cover:

  1. Why and how to become an independent developer
  2. Why and how to make money
  3. Why and how to build your personal brand
  4. Why and how to use Flex to make it all happen

I chose my topic for a few reasons. First, when I started working for myself, I knew jack, and had no one to help me. I flailed and failed on my first attempt. I don’t feel others should have to go through what I did. Secondly, the Flex market has gotten to the point where all the popular topics are taken; I need something unique, yet I feel represents me. Finally, I like speaking about a subject that will help others succeed.

Hope to see you there!

¿Como se 360Flex?

360|Flex Atlanta – February 25-27, 2008

This 3-day conference is the place to learn about Flex and AIR from
Adobe and community speakers. Sunday before the conference we’ll be offering an all day Flex 101 session, included in the price of registration. That’s right, a pre-conference all day training session on Flex. 360|Flex is the premiere Flex and AIR conference. We were the first Flex conference and we’re still growing and getting better. Don’t miss out, only $480 for an individual or $1500 for a 4-person team. More details can be found at