mProjector 3 Released

mProjector, a Flash Player projector creator has just released version 3. This is a me too post, but just had to blog it since mProjector is my favorite out compared to Zinc and SWFStudio. If you can’t wait for Apollo, and/or want to create applications using Flex or Flash on the desktop today, mProjector 3 is definately something you should check out. Here’s what I did using Flex 1.5 over a year ago using mProjector 2.

Having problems getting a working example up using a Flex 2 SWF; if someone beats me to it, let me know!

Via Flashmagazine.

Disclaimer: I typically do not do get projector paying gigs. Therefore, my opinion on what is the best projector tool is framed by testing them all out over 2 years ago. I highly suggest if you are serious about doing desktop work using one of these tools, you investigate for yourself the options, and build a demo with each to get a feel for the API.

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  1. > Having problems getting a working example up using a Flex 2 SWF
    mmmm, me too :(
    have posted the question on their support forum.
    I was so hoping it would work!

  2. mProjector has the smartest API for Flash developers out there. It does things like system tray icons with elegance and ease. Neb Kragic, the original developer of mProjector is a genius.

  3. I love mProjector too, although screenweaver was a great open source choice. Now it seems that they have retargeted it as a exe wrapper for haxe apps. Overall i prefer the model of how the mprojector shell integrates with action script.

  4. 1995. I had to make it work with IE7 since my CSS hacks broke in 7. Since updating my website is #8 on my priority list, it’ll stay like this till I get time.

  5. Hell dude, at least you have a web site, which is more than I can say. I kind of like the IBM terminal look, and Jakob Neilson would be proud.

  6. Actually, her majesty is a JN fanwoman, so I know he wouldn’t be impressed. I’m missing a ton of category & time search capabilities, pawning it all off to my search, and there is no level of text heirarchy what so ever making it hard to really direct your eyes to what is important.

    …however, once March is over, I’ll have more time.

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