Dynamic Flash Example – 3 of 3: Yahoo Maps + FlightAware Mashup

Yahoo Maps provides a component that you can use in your Flash and Flex applications. FlightAware provides an API (you have to pay, not free) that allows you to get tracking information about air traffic. Together, you get a mashup of tracking the progress of an airplane currently in flight over the USA via an animated map.

This example shows how to get dynamic data onto a YahooMap component from FlightAware’s DirectFlight API using Flash 8, AS2, and PHP. PHP converts FlightAware’s XML to a smaller, more Flash friendly, JSON format.

Yahoo Maps & FlightAware Mashup – Source ZIP

You can get more plane ID’s for Atlanta here, or choose a state & airport here.

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  1. Nice work!! Have you tried to integrate it with the new Yahoo! Maps AS3 Communication Kit yet? Would be interested to see if there are any perfomrance improvements. If you do try it, let me know if you have any questions about the Comunication kit.

    Also, you should submit this to gallery.yahoo.com/flash/


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