Flex 2 Template Project Files

For those of you who wish to just start working on a Flex project immediately, it can be quite daunting to do. New Project, setup Cairngorm, etc. Obviously daunting is quite the dramatic flair, but regardless, it should be quicker. If you don’t have any integrated code generation tools, one quick way is to just copy and paste these template files into your newly created Flex project folder. They contain:

  • Cairngorm 2.1 class files (no SWC) (without the WSDL fix)
  • my Cairngorm callback modification (allows View’s to get strongly typed responses from Commands)
  • default MainView (all your Views are belong to MainView)
  • default CSS file
  • default project folder setup
  • simple debugger window

Download ZIP

…one of these days, I’ll make an ANT script to do this automatically or one of the code gen makers will make a suite. Till then, copy paste, sucka!

4 Replies to “Flex 2 Template Project Files”

  1. Hey Jesse,

    Code looks interesting. Can you elaborate a bit on your intent with MainView and the Callback mods?


  2. Just been going through your article and Captivate video files on integration of Flash with Flex. Haven’t tried it all out yet, but it looks like some of this will be very useful in what I am trying to do… I have been struggling with the LocalConnection approach, and it has been a real b’ ache. I couldn’t find anywhere better to comment. There doesn’t seem to be links to that from your home page. Anyway, big thank you. (from UK)

  3. My suggestion would be to abandon the AS2 approach, and just do it all in AS3. The whole LocalConnection or ExternalInterface way of doing things is a royal pain in the neck, and you spend too much time trying to get things to work vs. getting things done.

    Sorry about the lack of homepage links… will hit in a few weeks.

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