Flex in New York @ Flexseminar

ATT00241.jpgI’m sitting at the Universal Mind table in the Roosevelt hotel. The place is pretty packed. Geeks mingled with suits; some of the geeks IN suits. Darron Schall of CF64 & FlashVNC fame and Todd Cieplinski are engaging various passerbys about the cool Flex work we do next to me. I’ve finally met Dave Wolfe of Cynergy Systems in person, albeit briefly. Grant Straker all the way from New Zealand is at an adjacent table; I had no clue he was gonna be here. He’s the dude that gave us the phat pocket knives at MXDU 2005; that was the best conference gift ever.

I have a Flash 7 project officially starting up in Detroit tomorrow so have to leave at 4pm to make my flight. New York traffic is just like Atlanta! I feel so at home. Manhattan was beautiful from the sky last night; I unconciously mouthed “wow…” before the pilot came on the overhead mentioned that it was off to the left.

While everyone was celebrating Flash’ 10 year birthday last couple weeks, I was busy using it. Feel kind of bad not taking the time to celebrate a technology vs. using it, but I DID manage to do a Breeze presentation near the birthday. To me, it’s appropriate to utilize Flash to bring people together from across the country to discuss… Flash. What better way to celebrate Flash’ birthday than to use it to network with others in disparate geographic locations for learning, and social interaction for the betterment of mankind? Pimp!

Anyway, consolation is I can use Flash 8, and save as MX 2004, hehe. Hopefully in the next couple of months I can start using Flex 2 professionally. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love the speed of development AS2 can give you, but Flex 2 apps are more fun right now because it’s so fresh and new. They are about to start so I wanna at least see the keynote since I’ll try my best to be a good “booth boy” the rest of the day. Wish you were here.

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  1. Hey Jesse,
    I had planned to come up to the event today, but am stuck with some meetings today for a new project so I just couldnt make it. Hope your preso and the day go well! Safe traveling as well!


  2. Jesse –

    Great presentation. I was there in NY and you were definitely the highlight – both colorful & informative.

    I wish some of the other presentations were as informative (everyone left feeling like it was one demo after another, with no meat behind it). You definitely gave us stuff to grab on to!

    Rock on !

  3. Hey Jesse, thanks for the great presentation today it was very energetic and informative. It was nice meeting you in person as well. I hope you made your flight home in time!!
    — JOR

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