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Strip club outside my hotel windowBack in Detroit, flown in from New York, trying in vain to wrap up some loose business ends before tomorrow. My project up here officially starts Tuesday, so it’ll be an all out assault on coding as much as possible as fast as possible.

I gotta say, I had a lot of fun at the Flexseminar Sys-Con put together. Things went, for me, really smoothly. Registration, getting internet at the booth, and hooking up with my team. Free coffee was readily available, so I was set. It’s always great because at every conference, I always get to put faces to people I’ve known online & collaborated with for years. I also get to meet new people and hopefully leak some of my passion to them and hopefully inspire them to want to create cool apps with Flex. I also got to rant via an interview; any excuse to talk about technology is fun.

Unfortunately, I had no idea I was in Manhattan. Things move so fast lately I just assumed I was going to some hotel in New York. I had no clue I was like… in THE Manhattan. What an idiot.

To spare the details, I basically had to go through 3 laptops in 15 minutes to get my presentation started. Since the laptop didn’t have the apps I needed on it setup, I just breezed through an abbreviated version of my slides in 30 minutes. Thanks Jeremy Geelan & Dave Wolfe for the laptops. My test run with the Atlanta Adobe User’s Group went to about an hour and a half, so naturally I talked at moch-2, and skipped some of the lower level Flash SWF integration slides. I’ll upload my full powerpoint later this week for those who didn’t get to the see the main 6 I removed.

Really great answering questions, really great meeting new people, and cool to talk albeit briefly about what people are working on; it’s always fun. Thanks a lot Sys-Con, it was a great seminar! Hopefully your audeince is inspired to at least investigate what it would take to get an information architect / designer on some of their existing software engineering teams if they don’t already have one.

I’m working on getting the design rights to the design I’m using to build my real-time YouTube clone, so hopefully I can not only share the source this October, but also some of the nitty gritty FLA’s and SWF’s that I used to integrate such a complicated, traditional Flash design, into Flex.

Thanks to those who came, and again, thanks Sys-Con for the invite to speak, much appreciated.

BTW, one other dude asked for contractors… not sure who, but I can send my contacts I know if you email me.

…and back to the grind.

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  1. great energy. I know you had a lot to discuss but i was able to follow if i listend closely :)
    As a designer.. i really wish there was more discussion on how to design for flex… but im sure this will come after more dev’s get informed first.

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