Phone Call to Overseas

Dude, has it always been this diffucult to call someone overseas? I thought it was as easy as just dialing in the numbers… stupid phones. I just learned (I think) about international codes (like 011) and country codes (16 for Australia, I think?). Phones are whack, yo. Now I know how non-computer literate people feel about computers; I feel the same way about phones.

JXL Lizz-ite v2.0 Released

I just released my new light component set aimed at designers and novices to Flash who want results fast. Please feel free to download and distribute them to friends, colleagues, and other companies that may need them!

<a href=””>JXL Lizz-ite v2.0 – MXP</a>

<a href=””>JXL Lizz-ite v2.0 – ZIP</a>

Ftooltip Bug

Found a bug today in <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>FToolTip</a>, one of the components that comes with <a href=”” target=”_blank”>DRK1</a>, in <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Component Set 3</a>.