What you say?

Is my use of slang diffucult to understand? <a href=”http://www.onrelease.org/index.php?p=79769874&more=1#more79769874″>This might help</a>.

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  1. Doubts it. Most wouldn’t know what OTP means, ATL-wise, which is where my pad resides. However, they are all smart to some degree, so sing: “How ya’ livin’? WHAT!? How ya’ livin’? WHAT!? In livin’ color…” *ducka doom* *boom*

  2. I am LLITP (Livin’ Large Inside the Perimeter), ’cause I could never be caught swingin’ it OTP.

  3. Only prob I have wif OTP is dey consider us all yiggidee-uppee. Instead of Nascar cigarette lighters, they have golf ones. Pet-Smart can charge a dollar more for doggy treats than even Dunwoody (ITP). Officially, there is really only 2 places you could swing here, and I heard they aren’t as good as ITP locales anyway, so your golden, yo.

  4. haha… OTP. that is a hilarious abrev… i’m chillin ITP, if you workn downtown, its the only way to go son.

  5. For real, doh dog? Here, it’s Silicon Valley of Atlanta, although, real-estate be cheap considerin’ all da failed dot bizz-ombs, cuse dee double-negative. Still, I remember werkin’ up in da Buckhead overlooking Lenox Mall, and dat wuz pretty tizz-ight!

  6. Yea.. workn here in midtown buttaz.. got the b 1 0 tree on.. waitn for a ole greg street to rock at 6 o clock.

  7. Hehe, kickin’ da jams, eh? On a hunch, I wish I could just whip out da’ turn tables at lunch, make peeps chill from dere code crunch, and while they munch, spin some phat grooves…

  8. shiz.. i wish i could jus eat lunch… if i had some timez id be all up in our game room hittn up some action on one of da consoles

  9. Hell, I’d be right dere, too, bustin’ some caps Vice City style.

    Gots me a Game Cube; pretty tight. Super Smash Brothers is so tight and fast and smooth… you almost don’t realize your TV is only capable of 60fps because of the smooth redraw of millions of polligons on these characters you grew up with… and most of ’em came from 8bit land, so it’s a deal.

    Been doin’ standard mizz-oves in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Went on da net, but no dice… seems no Joe has any 411 on which buttons do what cool moves. So, when I hear the call of “Finish Him”, I just do a weak bitch slap. Cool game, though, lots of blood and neat fighting styles.

  10. Lol… Ok, I request slang translation for the following:

    – Deez (this?)
    – catz
    – AT ALIEN
    – OTP
    – ATL-wise
    – ducka doom
    – yiggidee-uppee
    – Dunwoody (ITP)
    – dot bizz-ombs
    – buttaz
    – kickin’ da jams


  11. Lemme get that for you:

    <b>Deez </b>- noun.(Dee-z): used to designate a series of objects you are refferring to. “These”, “These things right here”, “Those guys over there”.

    <b>Catz </b>- noun.(cat-s): when referring to a group of gentlemen who are sophisticated. “Cool cats”, “These catz gave me the 411, and off we went to da club.”

    <b>AT ALIEN</b> – adj.(ay-tee-el-eon): someone who lives in the Atlanta area. Atlanta abreviated is ATL, and when spoken, you use an “eon” sound after the T. “I don’t know how those A T ALIEN’s can deal with all of that traffic.”, “All you A T ALIEN’s are up in the house!”

    <b>OTP </b>- verb.(oh-tee-pee): someone who lives outside of the perimeter. The perimeter is considered to be highway 285 which encircles Atlanta, forming a perimeter of Atlanta. It’s not really accurate because of Altanta’s sprawling nature, but you are considered to be living OTP or ITP in Atlanta. “Jesse Warden lives OTP, but parties ITP.”

    <b>ATL-wise</b> – adverb.(ay-tee-el wh-aye-z): 1. anything that deals with the city of Atlanta 2. When referring to a subjects context, it is in this case applying in relation to the city of Atlanta. “ATL-wise, the traffic blows, but the weather rocks!”, “Clubs, ATL-wise, are pretty tight.”

    <b>ducka doom</b> – no clue, yo, new to me. Sounds like something I would say in a song.

    <b>yiggidee-uppee</b> – noun.(yig-gi-dee-up-pee): describing a greedy, middle-class American, characterized by high rates of spending on luxury merchandise from transportation to food. Attitude optional. “Georgia 400 has tons of SUV weilding yiggidee-uppee’s charging ahead at 100+ mph. I pray for any driver on that highway.”

    <b>Dunwoody </b>- noun. (Done-wood-dee): A city on the border of highway 285. A very yuppie area with 1 gastation per 10 square mile radius to prevent loitering. “I tried to go shopping at Dunwoody, but the traffic blew, and they tried to charge me 2 bucks for a bottled water…”.

    <b>dot bizz-ombs</b> – noun. (dot bizz-ohm-bzz): slang and sarcastic term used to describe a web company that failed financially and no longer exists as a company. “Alpharetta is great for real-estate office space because of all the dot bizz-ombs that went out of business.”

    <b>buttaz </b>- no clue, but “hot butta” is sometimes a saying used to describe somethig that was “smooth”, or “cool”.

    <b>kickin’ da jams</b> – when someone is intentionally playing very good music continously and loud.

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