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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I watched a few tribute episodes last night, and as he sang little songs like “I like you, yes i do” i couldn’t help but cry. But it was a good cry, like i miss him, it’s sad he’s gone, but it’s just as sad to me that i’m all grown-up and don’t get to spend half a day at kindergarten and the rest of the afternoon watching Mr. Rogers visit the local factory or see that trolley drive through his living room, waiting to take us to “Make Believe Land.” :(


  2. Yeah, there a lot of good shows on last night about him. The one I caught had the funniest thing he did. PBS needed money, bad, so he went to Congress. He’s sitting there, in front of Senators, and he’s pleading with them about his show. He said something like, “…and at the end of every show, I tell the children that ‘you are a very special person, and I like you just the way you are.'” I think before he even the finished, the Senator mumbled something to his right, giving you the perception that he was not taking him seriously because he had this joyful smile that most people personify as evil on politicians. But instead, he cut off Mr. Rogers at the period of his sentence and said, “I love it! That’s great. You sir have your 20 million dollars.” I laughed till I eyes watered in sadness.

    I go to the land of make believe all the time. Usually, though, it’s dellusions of granduer, and I’m saving people Metal Gear style from terrorists, bad guys, what have you. I do remember, though, his peaceful settings that Trolly took you too were still cool in their peaceful serenity. There were a lot of cool cats, there. Interestingly, I never did see Mr. Mc Freely (mailman dude) there.

    “You can bring your own ideas to whatever happens on the computer. And your ideas are special. So are you!”

    …dude, there is like <a href=”http://pbskids.org/rogers/all_ages/thoughts29.html”>29 pages of letters</a> from everyone all over the US. I added mine!

    <a href=”http://pbskids.org/cgi-registry/rogers/viewletter1″>http://pbskids.org/cgi-registry/rogers/viewletter1</a&gt;

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