DataProvider: Who’s in the game?

I did some tests to see who “properly” handles the DataProvider’s <code>modelChanged</code> event. Not many, it seems. Now that I understand it, I don’t understand why they don’t utilize the power of this object, but anyway, here are my findings…

Fly Without ID

I wish I had the tenacity of the author:
<a href=””>How to Fly Without ID</a>

His final warning has already happended to me…

FUI Invalidate, DataProvider, and 1 frame update

For the past couple of months, a lot of my components blindly inherit from the FUIComponentClass in Flash. Blindly meaning I really didn’t know why I was other than it says in the comments that it is the base component of all Flash components, and all other components in the Macromedia sets do inherit from it in some way or another, so I figured I would follow suit. More important things to do than to investigate something as trivial as functionality I’ll probably not use for awhile, right? Well, <a href=””>John Robinson</a> and I this weekend walked through it, and we think we’ve figured out how it works… partly, as well as the DataProvider, and why the 1 frame update happens.