Flex 2: View Source

Coolest feature ever! My favorite new feature from the Flex Beta 1. With the press of your button, you’re Flex projects are setup to be viewed in the web browser with a pakcaged zip file linked. Your actual Flex application will have View Source in the right click menu. You just press a frikin’ button and that’s it!!!

While the Flash community has already been a very open community with sharing code, I think this will have a major positive impact on newcomers from other disciplines. If you make it easy and brainless, people will share.

Because of the extra directories Subversion adds (.svn) it may take awhile to run for those types of projects; beware.

For both Source links below which illustrate the link (you can right click and View Source on the first link), drag the black divider to the right so you can see the veritcal scrollbar and see more code. Apparently the SWF refreshes too late to show the veritcal scrollbar.

You’ll need the Flash Player 8.5 to view the below.

For those who don’t, here are some screenshots:
Source 1 | Source 2

My Eberron D&D Character Creator sample app I work on to test out Flex 2’s features is here. Right click and View Source after you click the App link!!! (MXML + AS + CSS):

App | Source

The Diesel + Battlefield ActionScript 3 blitting engine project is here (You can’t right click and View Source on this one, not sure why yet):


Macromedia Blog Authoring Survey

I got really excited taking this survey. I remember hearing about it way back, something about Contribute the Contribute Team formulating a Blog Authoring Advisory Council.

Then, last week I get this email saying take a survey and be entered to win a new Apple iPod Mini.

As I took the survey, I started to see that the people who wrote the survey suffer the same pains of blogging that I do. It’s really exciting to know there is the potential for a product that will allow you to blog, built buy a company such as Macromedia. I’m sold.

Anyway, please take the survey; you might win iPod Mini!


Dawn 2 Alpha

This game is pretty cool. I helped test it about 2 weeks ago. Benjamin sent the link on a Friday afternoon which is when only the freaks remain online and fully active in the mailing lists vs. going home. As such, he didn’t get many testers that evening, which meant I actually got to play the creator. He pawn me the first game, I got practice the 2nd with someone else, and then the third game, playing the creator was darn close… I made too many robots which are fast, but not as powerful.

Anyway, fun game, like Starcraft, but with a Dark Crystal type of feel; game’s got a lot of character, low learning curve, and requires good mouse, keyboard, and micro-management skills. Fun stuff!

Please help him test it out!

user: dawn
pass: alpha