Macromedia Blog Authoring Survey

I got really excited taking this survey. I remember hearing about it way back, something about Contribute the Contribute Team formulating a Blog Authoring Advisory Council.

Then, last week I get this email saying take a survey and be entered to win a new Apple iPod Mini.

As I took the survey, I started to see that the people who wrote the survey suffer the same pains of blogging that I do. It’s really exciting to know there is the potential for a product that will allow you to blog, built buy a company such as Macromedia. I’m sold.

Anyway, please take the survey; you might win iPod Mini!

One Reply to “Macromedia Blog Authoring Survey”

  1. Ditto, i’m sold aswell.

    I’m over building my own, i keep adding more and more features onto my app and never deliver it. I’ve promised a rebuild of MossyBlog for ages, but always get side-tracked. Can’t wait to see what they output

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