Flex 2: View Source

Coolest feature ever! My favorite new feature from the Flex Beta 1. With the press of your button, you’re Flex projects are setup to be viewed in the web browser with a pakcaged zip file linked. Your actual Flex application will have View Source in the right click menu. You just press a frikin’ button and that’s it!!!

While the Flash community has already been a very open community with sharing code, I think this will have a major positive impact on newcomers from other disciplines. If you make it easy and brainless, people will share.

Because of the extra directories Subversion adds (.svn) it may take awhile to run for those types of projects; beware.

For both Source links below which illustrate the link (you can right click and View Source on the first link), drag the black divider to the right so you can see the veritcal scrollbar and see more code. Apparently the SWF refreshes too late to show the veritcal scrollbar.

You’ll need the Flash Player 8.5 to view the below.

For those who don’t, here are some screenshots:
Source 1 | Source 2

My Eberron D&D Character Creator sample app I work on to test out Flex 2’s features is here. Right click and View Source after you click the App link!!! (MXML + AS + CSS):

App | Source

The Diesel + Battlefield ActionScript 3 blitting engine project is here (You can’t right click and View Source on this one, not sure why yet):


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  1. While I like the idea of open source for Flash and Flex, I hope that defense against decompilers and decrypters will develop. I’m sick of having to use a third party obfuscator to protect my swfs. I’ve had my online games stolen, decompiled, and edited to print a different author.

    If this open source allows … let’s say an API of some sorts (sort of like google maps mods that allow you to see available restaurants and taxi cabs), then I’m all for it.


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