No pay no play, the 6 attempts rule

My site & email were down all day yesterday and today. Turns out my credit card expiration was different than said card on file, thus my hosting company suspended my account after 6 attempts. Geez, 6 attempts! Imagine how much love could be expoused amongst couples in the world if people took that approach to rejection.

“So, hey baby… uh… your hot, can I uh… like, …buy you a drink or something?”


“So, yeah… what if I pay for it?”


“How about 2 drinks?”


“What if I get on my knees, beg, and buy you drinks till the club closes?”


“Alright, playing hard to get, eh? What if I go find the hunkiest, most metro-sexual, yet hetero guy here, and talk about how you think he’s hot, thus increasing your chances of scoring a potential interest?”

“Uh… no.”

“I’ll give you a hundred bucks?”

“Tempting, but… no.”

“Bummer… well, I’ll just stand guard here, and ensure any bloke who attempts to even gaze at the glorious countenance that is your presence, will pass the test of appreciation, realizing that you have the eyes that can see right through me, a smell that makes me float and forget what time it is, a …”

“I’ll take a Rum & Coke… just shut up!”

I’m not saying those sayings work, merely that a loving connection with potential could be established is people didn’t fear rejection, and instead made more than one attempt… even 6. Thanks for expanding my self-reflection MediaTemple Credit Card Transaction dude!

MoveableType 3 something & Site Updates

After blog spammers managed to crash my site during my clean up effort, I figured I could install 3.0 since I had the patient open anyway, and homeskillet (Jay Allen) updated Blacklist for 3… sort of.

At any rate, since I’m now upgraded to MoveableType 3, my links on Google and other search engines, and various website linking may not work for awhile. I’ve gone from to the deal. I’m working on getting a new solution for my searches since I, currently, cannot see a reason to invest money in to have it completely search my site since I’ve exceeded it’s quota. I’ll probably just re-implement MT’s default and hope for the best. Sites without working searches suck, so I’ll make sure whatever it is works.

I failed miserably to get MT-Blacklist to work, though, so comments will be sporadic. 3 minutes after I turn commenting on, a blog spammer takes the bait and unleashes his Perl script at me, so I’ll do my best to keep it on, but be warned. Email works in the latter case!

I’m aware that some of my templates are straight jacked, so just stick to the page you came in on, probably from an aggregator I hope, and use the built in comments form there. The rest will change over time; if you can’t read it, try selecting all the text via Control + A.

…anyone get MT-Blacklist 2.0 to work with MT 3?

New Design++;

I’ve updated my web site’s design (for those of you not visiting in RSS/Atom readers). I’ve done my best in the time allotted to support Gecko based browsers as well as Safari since I realize a lot of my readership does not use IE for Windows. I attempted an all CSS solution, but it only rendered correctly in IE, so I used a mixture of tables and css. Designed in Flash, sliced in Fireworks, assembled in Dreamweaver, tested on browsers & OS’ mentioned below.

Any visual problems and/or issues not noted below that cause the site to be unusable, please let me know.

– IE 6+ on WinXP = in content colum, sometimes gray will get pushed over the right’s red border; bottom triangle sometimes misaligned
– Mozilla 1.7 on WinXP = at home, no issues, at work, first download did not render page correctly, had to refresh to correct
– IE 5.2 on Mac = code boxes do not display correctly, therefore rendering code inside them unreadable
– Safari on Mac = search field on right pushes out of panel boundary; background colors not defined in right panels, thus gray does not match

Search Down Tomorrow

Date: Thursday, June 24, 2004
Time: 9 PM – 1 AM USA West Coast / Pacific Time

If you try to search between those hours, it will not work; is updating their stuff.