Website Updates

I spent most of today fixing broken entries, broken links, and re-uploading files that were missing. I’ve also created some quick sections on the right side of my blog to show the most popular entries, recent comments, and the tools & tutorials people are constantly asking for via email. Finally, some people have reported that the old feeds never propagated the new feed URL’s in their feed readers, so I manually updated those as well.

As always, if something is broke, let me know. If anyone knows of a “Website 404 checker”, lemme know so I can take the initiative for any remaining problems. Thanks for your patience!

From MoveableType to WordPress

After 5 years of running this blog via MoveableType, it’s time for a change. I tested WordPress last week, liked what I saw, so waxed my entire site tonight with Mediatemple’s one click install. All files referenced on past posts (images, sample files, etc.) were deleted so if something is missing, email me and I’ll do my best to fix that post first. In the meantime, the show must go on, so I’m not going to stop blogging just because I made the switch from Perl to PHP.

New Blog RSS Feed:

New Blog Comments RSS Feed:

New Site Design

I’ve implemented the first stage of my new site design. It will take me another 2 weeks to implement additional navigation, fix some IE specific issues, and optimize the CSS & images. If you have problems (visual or technical), please leave a comment here. I’d love to hear them!

I’m aware the main navigation links are broken on IE 6 Windows. For you IE Win users, until I have time to fix the transparency issues, here’s the About page and the Search page.

New Search: No More Atomz, Hello Google

I first started using MoveableType’s built in search for users to search my site. Then it broke.

Anu told me to use as their search was free. They have some interesting reporting tools, and while it does help me focus the writing of my blog content based on what people are looking for, it wasn’t that beneficial overall. Not only was the crawling of my site a manual process that I had to do, but they had a limit on the number of pages that I was allowed to have their product crawl unless I was a paying member. They then started inserting ads in my search results, but didn’t pay me to host their ads.

Google’s Adsense for search also allows you to maximize your earnings by providing the Google search engine to search your site, but you can customize the appearence of the results, have the google search engine interface be on your page, and utilize adsense in the search results. It appears Google has just as good, or better search query reporting tools compared to

If you experience any problems, let me know; I believe using Google’s search engine will improve the searching experience on my site.