DNS Change & Files Removed

Ok, changing my DNS to my new server as we speak. Additionally, all of my files are offline until I can update my site to something more manageable. If I’m not back in 5 minutes… just wait longer.

Recent Comments Added

Off to the right you should see the 10 most recent comments entered. If you find any weird redraw issues or usability issues, let me know. Also, if you know if there is a way to set the text to a certain size in CSS, but allow other people to change it, that would be great as currently, I only know how to set the text to a specific size to ignore the browser.


Because of my current work load both at work and at home + errands, I’m going into hibernation.

Check yall this weekend!

Updated CSS for my site

I got enough shlack from people that I finally fixed the CSS on my site. So far, I can’t break it, anyway. If it appers wrong to you via changing font sizes, let me know… again.