New Design++;

I’ve updated my web site’s design (for those of you not visiting in RSS/Atom readers). I’ve done my best in the time allotted to support Gecko based browsers as well as Safari since I realize a lot of my readership does not use IE for Windows. I attempted an all CSS solution, but it only rendered correctly in IE, so I used a mixture of tables and css. Designed in Flash, sliced in Fireworks, assembled in Dreamweaver, tested on browsers & OS’ mentioned below.

Any visual problems and/or issues not noted below that cause the site to be unusable, please let me know.

– IE 6+ on WinXP = in content colum, sometimes gray will get pushed over the right’s red border; bottom triangle sometimes misaligned
– Mozilla 1.7 on WinXP = at home, no issues, at work, first download did not render page correctly, had to refresh to correct
– IE 5.2 on Mac = code boxes do not display correctly, therefore rendering code inside them unreadable
– Safari on Mac = search field on right pushes out of panel boundary; background colors not defined in right panels, thus gray does not match

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  1. Hey man,

    Firebird/Moz 1.7 on WinXP: renders fine here w/ no reload. Do get JS error on both IE and FW: getCookie is not defined, line 434.

    Looks good – why Flash to design instead of FW?

  2. I find my designs can be more liquid with Flash. I can use cookie cutter techniques to slice and dice vector shapes into weird combinations. The way certain vector pieces, ecspecially strokes, become their own groups when placed over top of each makes it very simple to assemble complex designs. Fireworks makes everything a bitmap, even if you keep it a vector, so I’d have to erase a line of pixels, for example, where in Flash, it’s already a shape I can click and delete.

    For anything beyond simple angled rectangles, Fireworks MX 2004 has wonderful new capabilities with it’s brushes, and combined with my stylus would be great, and some of things mentioned above could be done with Fireworks, but I feel more comfortable with Flash. I’ve spent the last 3 years of my life in it every single day, so that adds to my comfortability factor.

  3. The “about” page looks munged in FireFox (v. 0.9.2). Looks like a stylesheet problem, maybe. (The class “about” isn’t defined in the css.)

    The whole page is the crimson color, with no alternate color behind the text.

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