mProjector v2 Released

mProjector v2 is a 3rd party Flash extension application. It takes your SWF(s), and allows them to do things that the Flash Player itself cannot do. It’s main selling points are:

– syncronous commands not using fscommand or callbacks. So, for reading files from the user’s hard drive, reading the registry, etc., it’s all immediate. FlashStudioPro I believe requires fscommands, and Screenweaver requires you to setup callbacks.
– when opening new windows, you have the same syncronous ActionScript like the above with return values, just like normal ActionScript.
– direct access to COM objects, and you can use their methods in ActionScript like you’d use a component.

There are some other neat features, but to me the above is what sets it apart from it’s competitors. I had the ability to see in it in action, and it’s pretty slick. Quick to jump into, as well if your thinking of giving it a spin.

mProjector v2