*** Updated to 1.2 ***

Some of the users on a Captivate list said they would find it useful if I packed up the Flash that I created to play Captivate movies. So, I made it dynamic, improved/fixed some things, and wrote some documentation. Source is included, but most people should only have to edit an XML file, and be done.

CaptivatePlayer – Docs | v1 ZIP | v1.1 ZIP

Flashcom Components: Dungeons & Dragons Tools

I’ve been working on these components as a fun side project the past 2 weeks. As usual, I’m bored and want to do something else. I’ve included docs (a ton) on why you should care, what they are, and how they are made.

– neat (I think) use of cell renderers
– easier way to get avatar chat via above
– using AS2 + Flash MX 2004 components + Flashcom Components together
– free components & code!

The docs are in order, so if you actually take the time to read, I suggest you do in order since that’s how my thoughts actually came out, and therefore is your only hope in following.

Since the documentation is a book, I couldn’t make it a blog entry… just too big. Therefore, if you have any comments, please comment in this entry here.

Flash Communication Server Dungeons & Dragons Components

…geez, that’s a div breaker there (kind of long). How about:

FCS D&D ComponentsDocumentation | Source v2 | Source v1

SWG Resource Viewer v2

I haven’t touched this in a week, and probably won’t touch it again. As I reach some milestones, I cannot really see how much further I could take this. Granted, there are a few dialogues I could add to better peruse the data as well as add the graphical elements to make it more like the game… but I’d rather tackle bigger side-projects.

Anyway, uploading in case anyone wants the code. This is a remake of the Central SWG Craft Resource viewer. It reads XML feeds from and displays the current resources for Star Wars Galaxies. It’s not optimized on a per server basis, and instead just downloads them all, and then saves locally. You have to manually refresh. Feel free to gank what you find useful. It was done in Flash MX 2004 vs. Central like the last one. I was going to port it, but just lost interest.

SWG Resource Viewer v2 – ZIP