Flashcom Components: Dungeons & Dragons Tools

I’ve been working on these components as a fun side project the past 2 weeks. As usual, I’m bored and want to do something else. I’ve included docs (a ton) on why you should care, what they are, and how they are made.

– neat (I think) use of cell renderers
– easier way to get avatar chat via above
– using AS2 + Flash MX 2004 components + Flashcom Components together
– free components & code!

The docs are in order, so if you actually take the time to read, I suggest you do in order since that’s how my thoughts actually came out, and therefore is your only hope in following.

Since the documentation is a book, I couldn’t make it a blog entry… just too big. Therefore, if you have any comments, please comment in this entry here.

Flash Communication Server Dungeons & Dragons Components

…geez, that’s a div breaker there (kind of long). How about:

FCS D&D ComponentsDocumentation | Source v2 | Source v1

3 Replies to “Flashcom Components: Dungeons & Dragons Tools”

  1. Hey.. why not dress up the dice roller, mapper etc as Breeze pods? Then you could leverage a bunch of other cool features :)
    Will we see you in EQ2 when it ships?

  2. If I could get my hands on the API, I would!

    …I wish. As the old adage goes, “Friends don’t let friends play EQ.” They call it Evercrack for a reason.

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