Bush is Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons

Bush is DM in DnD

DM Bush: You see an Al Qaeda operative run into the cave… what do you do?
Cheney of Nebraska: I use magic missle!
DM Bush: You can’t see him; it’s dark.
Cheney of Nebraska: …Then I attack the darkness!
DM Bush: LOL! Ok, you attack the darkness.
Cheney of Nebraska: I rolled 5. Take that Al Qaeda!
Sir Rumsfeld: I suggest we smoke ’em out. I gather grass and leaves in large quantities, and I place it by the stinking cave’s entrance.
DM Bush: The magic missle enrages the Al Qaeda inside the cave. A cleric emerges and casts Curse of Jihad on you. Cheney of Nebraska, you fail your save vs. journalism and lose 2 points of Charisma!
Cheney of Nebraska: No fair, I had a spell of non-CNN Detection cast… there’s no way they could spot me!
DM Bush: While Cheney of Nebraska’s pants are on fire, another operative tosses a holy hand grenade of Antioch out of the cave. Sir Rumsfeld, you take 8 points of splash damage!
Sir Rumsfeld: Screw this, I cast fireball right into that damn cave!
Blair the Great: :: shouting :: Hey, can I have a Mountain Dew from the fridge?
DM Bush: Yes, that’s fine!
Blair the Great: Cool, so I’m at the tavern getting drunk. Are there are any hot girls there?
DM Bush: Uh… yes, hold on…
Blair the Great: Well I want to see if they like me. I try to hit on them.
Cheney of Nebraska: I use my Ring of Bunker Buster at the cave after Rumsfeld’s fireball… time to bring the house down!
DM Bush: …you can’t, though, your too busy attempting to explain…
Blair the Great: :: shouting :: Come on, do they like me or what!?
DM Bush: Er… :: rolls irritatingly :: You get +1 because of your Brit Charm ability… they like you, ok! Now Cheney…
Blair the Great: Great! I’m getting drunk at the tavern with the girls.
DM Bush: Fine!
Sir Rumsfeld: Is the cave collapsed yet, or what?
Cheney of Nebraska: Yeah, yeah! I use my wand of Osama Detection.
DM Bush: It’s out of charges… and your preoccupied anyway! And no, the cave is still standing.
Sir Rumsfeld: This is lame… I’m heading to the tavern to meet up with Tony.
Cheney of Nebraska: Me too!

Picture via her majesty via JWZ.

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  1. I can see the back of John Howard’s (Aussie P.M.) head. I can imagine him watching the game and being to shy to join in!

    can I get you guys anything? A couple hundred SAS? Some MPs? Patrol boats?

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