Flash Content in Flex Preso

I did a Connect presentation for the Arizona Flash Platform User Group Wednesday evening about using Flash content in Flex. If you didn’t get to attend my 360Flex presentation in San Jose, California back in March, this is a lot of what I covered there. I’ve added some updates based on my 4 months of working. I didn’t get to talk about the Flex component kit for Flash as in depth as I wanted because my copy of Flash CS3 is giving me grief on my PC with licensing. It’s about 1 hour and 20 minutes long and you can skip ahead through the stuff you already know.

Flash Content in Flex

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  1. thanks for a great presso, Jesse. Some of us lucky Australians got to hear about it and watch it at work live.

    Not everyone wants to write Flash components, some of us just want to survive getting the sucker working in our Flex apps, get the thing finished and move on.


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