Speaking October 24th, 2006 at MAX

I’ll be speaking at 4:15pm on Tuesday, October 24th, 2006 at Adobe’s MAX conference in Las Vegas. This conference will focus mainly on Adobe technology such as ColdFusion, Flex, Flash, Flash Lite, etc. I will be speaking about using Flex and Flash together to create more engaging, branded, and overall cooler looking Flex applications by using Flash with Flex.

If you are a Flex developer, you’ll see what else is possible beyond a cross-browser, cross-platform predictable programming playback engine; a cross-browser, cross-platform design predictable playback engine. If you are a Flash Designer, you’ll see what’s possible in Flex from a design perspective. I plan to show examples of Flex CSS, skinning, SWF embedding & loading as well as utilizing Flash 9 (Blaze) assets via ActionScript 3 classes.

You can schedule your session via a Flex interface or an HTML one. See yaz.

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