Flash & Flex Powerpoint Uploaded

I’ve uploaded my Powerpoint presentation about using Flash and Flex together, that I’ve done twice now and modified twice as well. First at the Adobe Atlanta Users’ Group, and then last Monday at the Flex Seminar. Things of use include CSS Class selectors (basically, using a Class name in CSS to globally affect all instances in your Flex application), font embedding code, and a breakdown of Flash pieces used for a Flex app.

Powerpoint – FlashPaper | PPT in ZIP.

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  1. Thanks dude. I wanted to come but couldn’t At least I can get a taste of what’s going on.

  2. Your presentation in Detroit rocked! I only wish I could have stayed longer. Your analysis of the all-too-frequently disparate worlds of ‘Designer’ vs. ‘Developer’ was right on-the-mark.

    As one of those (few) ‘hybrid’ developers, I’ve seen and felt the disdain from both sides. I was a big champion of using Flash inside Ford (on the intranet… I hear you there ‘blue and gray is all we need’!), but I’ve gotten tired of fighting the battle, there.

    So, I’ve been moving a lot more of my work toward ‘AJAX’ as that at least doesn’t make people automatically think ‘annoying popovers’ or something.

    Flex and Openlaszlo seem pretty cool, but I’m still a bit wary, as finding opportunity to use it (not to mention the resources) has been difficult where I’m at. Nevertheless, that demo you showed look awesome.

    Thanks again for the presentation, and I hope I get a chance to see you give another sometime in the near future!

  3. I remember an issue in the ATL preso about losing frame actions of loaded swfs in flex, but I don’t see it mentioned in the latest slides… You figure a way to get around wrapping the clip in another class?

  4. Sort of. mxmlc, Flex’ commandline compiler, when it compiles your symbol from the Flash SWF, removes all frame actions. It leaves labels intact. It’s just the way it works. While you can still put them there to test in Flash 9, you have to code the stops yourself in the wrapper class. Many have been coding gotoAndPlay’s in code, but stops will be a new thing for people. At least you get ‘currentLabel’ and ‘labels’ now.

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