Zinc Browser & Hacking Root: Part Deux

Ok, callback had nothing to do with _root hacking; it had to do with the exe calling the SWF from a remote URL. Since the ActiveX is being used (thanks for the 411 Kenny), it’s still acting like a browser based SWF, and thus is restricted by the security sandbox. So, Zinc can’t call the onBrowserDocumentComplete event on _root… because it’s not allowed per Flash’s security sandbox.

You package it internally vs. a remote SWF, and she works fine.

2 Replies to “Zinc Browser & Hacking Root: Part Deux”

  1. Hi,

    Can you explain in detail what you mean by ‘package internally’?

    I have a problem that ZInc doesn’t trigger onBrowserDocumentComplete at all when I load an external URL.

    Does your _root hack fix that, and do I need to ‘package internally’?



  2. Meaning, as long as you don’t use loadMovie and expect Zinc to call a nested function, you’re good to go. If the function is on _root, you are ok. If it’s not getting fired on _root, then I’m not sure.

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