4 Replies to “Xamlon MapServer, aka “Google Maps in C# + Flash””

  1. Hey dudes,

    If you are referring to the image based tile maps that’s all google outputs I believe. It doesn’t actually transfer over any of the data that you could us to draw streets, parks, water areas, etc using the drawing API.

    If you’re referring to the external buttons, coordinates display, etc I think this was done to just demonstrate AFLAX (Asynchronous Flash

  2. Naw, I’m just referring to the irony of all of the ‘that should have been done in Flash’, and yet NO ONE has done it. It was re-done in Flex, and C# (Xamlon), but not Flash.

  3. Ahhhhhh, not Flash as in swf but Flash as in the IDE! Gotcha! It would defiantly be interesting to compare dev times. From what I read the Xamlon (pronounced Zam-uh-lawn) mapper only took 3 days!


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