Flex: Star Wars Galaxies Resource Viewer v3

Built v3 of my SWG Resource Viewer in Flex (1st @ 2nd Central, 3rd Flex). It’s basically an application that shows you a list of recent resources, data being served from community driven swgcraft.com, that crafters in the Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG can utilize to filter the results and see what resources are available. Since resource quality, types, and locations change weekly, and some qualties/types don’t resurface for months at a time, crafters from Amorsmiths, Weaponsmiths, and even Chefs like to know what’s what, and where since some things in game can’t be made without certain ingredients.

As such, I tried my best to implement 2 filtering mechnisms in the huge amount of data; quality range & profession type. Quality range is adjusted by averaging the current numbers displayed in the columns currently visible, and showing only what matches the range set on the dual-thumbed slider. The 2nd is using an XML file to only show resources a certain profession cares about. Currently only weaponsmith is implemented because her majesty has a weaponsmith for 1 of her characters, and thus asked me to implement it. I’ve already been asked for a plethora of minor feature requests mainly relating to usability (saving colums, saving DataGrid widths, filtering via other professions, etc.). Not that I don’t already have enough open source software projects to work on (CaptivatePlayer, AMFPHP examples, personally modded-ARP) in my free time.

Anyway, app’s there with source. I used some of ARP in Flex (made my own Controller class instead of mapping commands directly). Commands rock! Also, since I ripped the SWF out and lost all JavaScript, I had to use PHP to automatically write FlashVars tags based on what you set in the URL for get vars (was using PHP anyway to get the gzipped XML feeds). Flex by default uses JavaScript to parse out the URL, and setup _root/mx.core.Application.application scoped vars that you can utilize to init your application.

SWG Resource Viewer v3

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