London, My Condolences

Her majesty IM’d me this morning about the terrorist attacks on London by first hoping that Guy wasn’t near the blast, and then giving me context to London being attacked. So far I’ve heard Guy Watson, Peter Hall, Mike Downey (he’s travelling there), and Aral Balkan are ok since all but Mike are in Flash Forward New York City.

Anyone who says that tragic events that occur outside of America don’t affect us is wrong. My first thoughts after hearing it were to confirm there were casualties, and ensure my friends were ok. Even though they are, I’m still shaken and horribly saddened about those injured and killed. There are still a ton of other brits I don’t know if they are ok or not from the Flash community…

I’m finding it extremely hard to concentrate.

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  1. I here ya bro. I’ve always viewed our 2 countries as friends / brothers. I can only hope that those in UK know we are with them and that they are not alone in their losses.


  2. It’s been a very hard day for all of us. But we shouldn’t loose site of the fact that, though our friends may be safe, many families have empty holes in their hearts tonight.

    Our brothers and sisters in the UK need our help. They were there for us. It’s time for us to step up and be there for them. I feel for our friends in the UK and the pain they are going to go through in the coming days.

    God bless the families of this tragedy, the people of the United Kingdom and supporters of freedom worldwide.

  3. True dat. I tried to think of all of those people I didn’t know, those hurt really bad or killed, and how their families must be dealing with it. I feel helpless just like I did at 9/11… I wish there was something more I could do beyond having a supportive attitude.

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