VidiPost Test: Crazy Cow

Testing the VidiPost service Graeme worked on (record video, publish to blog). Their signup process is a little tricky, some of the buttons on the service’s site itself are not very apparent nor obvious what they do, nor is the actual camera/mic settings brainless to setup… but man, how easy is that to just hit record, publish, copy paste some code and put on your blog? Wow… good job Graeme & team!

3 Replies to “VidiPost Test: Crazy Cow”

  1. Hey Jesse,
    Thanks a lot for checking it out! I see the vid pixels up quite a bit, so that is going to have change a little perhaps (we never had it that pixely in testing) As for usability of the site, I’ll forward that on to the owner :)

  2. I was holding the camera by hand, thus the movement of the camera casues the P frames to just not relate anything to frames later down the line; I wouldn’t have had this problem with it just sitting on my desk as normal recording me.

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