CaptivatePlayer v1.1

*** Updated to 1.2 ***

Updated my CaptivatePlayer to 1.1. New features:

  • added continous playback. Defaults to true so that if a movie finishes, the next one plays automatically without the user having to click.
  • added looping playback. Defaults to false, but if set to true, when the last movie is done, it’ll play the first one again. (for those with Kiosk needs)

I think I squashed a volume bug as well, but not sure. Additionally, I removed the flashvar settings in the default index.html file I provide; people were getting confused, and rightly so, about having the XML file and the HTML both setting different values. Now, just the XML configures the player.

The nested-menus, localization, and splash screen features are going to take awhile. I tried doing nested-menus, but my first attempt met with failure. I’ll get them in eventually in a future release, it’s just that the need for continous playback was constantly asked for so I figured I’d hurry up and release this version.

CaptivatePlayer v1.1 – Article | Docs | v1.1 ZIP

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  1. Not sure how much feedback you’re getting on this stuff, but it’s really good. Keep it up cause people actually use it.

    Uh oh. Is this feedback form in Flash? It turns grey when selected, but then white when it’s not selected. You.are.a.geek.

  2. Thanks! The feedback I get is positive. 80% of the emails start with positive feedback, and usually request for the common features, which is a good sign, and easy to target.

    This form has killed all blogspam I get (beyond Trackback spam), better than MT-Blacklist ever did, mainly because spam bots can’t disassemble SWF’s yet.

    Preventing Blogspam with Flash

  3. The comment swf was Stefane Furano’s idea actually, the guy who runs He’s a smart guy too. Lives in Montreal about a mile away from me. Girlfriend cooks great steak too. You have competition Jesse ;)

  4. Hrm… if there is enough interest in it doing sure, sure. From my understanding, though, doesn’t Captivate already produce content that is? If not, where is it lacking? The entire lack of support or just in parts?

  5. Yes, Captivate does create SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant swfs. However, once you put them into a Flash container (like this Captivate Player), the Captivate swf can no longer talk to the browser. I’m not a Flash expert, but I think that if the loaded swf could pass variables to the main movie… and then to the browser, all would be fine.

  6. Jesse, great work on the Captivate player. I was getting ready to begin work on a player when I stumbled across a thread on the Captivate forum linking to your site.

    SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compatibility would be great for me as well, as almost 100% of the training we develop is delivered through our LMS.

    Thanks for sharing your work with the community!

  7. hi, im trying to make my own tutorials, and put them all on a movie. your player is awesome! i didn’t know how to organize all the movies onto one page and your player does that. i am still going to try and make an html page that can play each movie, and that will refreash when any movie is done, but i have NO idea how to make this page. The reason im thinking HTML in the first place is it would be simplest to figure out i think, even know i will try and distribute my videos on cd’s. one thing though, the reason i need to make a index html page, is i need a dvd type browswer, l looked into Multimedia builder, but it doesn’t work with flash i don’t think so can’t use it to make an index page. so if your program could have the option to go to other ‘main menus’, that would be great. until then im giong to try and figure out how to make a big menu page in html that will start up when the cd is run, and will reload when a movie is done. thanks for your help and awesome program!

  8. Hi Jesse,i have a SWF file playing in the captiavte player, the SWF file loads dynamic text from an ASPX page, when i open the SWF file in Internet explorer the values laods in from the ASPX page, but when i play the SWF ile through captivate the values are blank, is there any way i can get these values to load?

  9. Do you know of anyone in the Stuart, FL area who could consult on Captivate in person? I need someone now to help me quickly create a sim. On a hot deadline and getting stuck. I’m relatively new at Captivate.

    I’ve called colleges and gotten nowhere. Help?? If you know of someone or somewhere I should look for someone, will you let me know??

    Michelle Schnorr

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