Compile Flash From Dreamweaver/FlexBuilder

Those of you who have used SciteFlash from know that one of the key features of that editor was its ability to cause Flash to compile directly from SciteFlash’s coding IDE. This way, you could code like normal, and press Control + 1 to cause Flash to test movie, just like you would do Control + Enter in Flash to test movie. This was beneficial because you didn’t have to ALT + Tab (or click on Flash in the taskbar) to switch to Flash just so you could compile.

I’m using Dreamweaver, just like I did in Flash MX (because Dreamweaver had tabs back then, Flash didn’t), because I’m doing some crazy re-factoring, and Dreamweaver has some awesome find and replace features. …however, same problem; don’t want to switch to Flash just to compile. However, I have a JSFL folder in my class directory that I’m viewing in Dreamweaver’s Files panel (which is what Flash’ Project Panel should be). I dropped a JSFL file in there called “compile.jsfl” that just does:


All I have to do is double-click it in Dreamweaver, and it’ll go back to Flash and compile my only open FLA. Haven’t figured out how to map to a Dreamweaver keyboard shortcut yet, but anyway, awesome!

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  1. I’m using ASEclipsePlugin to do all of my actionscript work nowadays –

    Eclipse has an awesome find and replace (just as good, if not better than Dreamweavers), and obvisouly the AS plugin is much better at editing AS files than Dreamweaver is.

    Plus, hook that up with FlashANT and you can automate Flash building just as easy as your copile.jsfl. :-)

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