Yahoo Opens Search Engine to Developers

“Search firm makes a bid for enterprise business

Yahoo has launched a network giving developers access to the company’s technology through web services-based APIs.

The interfaces allow application developers to create services that mix search results from an intranet with web search results or stories from Yahoo News. They can also use Yahoo’s spelling correction technology to check online forms filled out by employees or customers.”

It’s really great to see company’s with awesome technology making them available via web service API’s. I love how everything can be made interoperable for a price. A technology you think is useful can be accessed from anywhere with a connection, and everyone can use the same thing in different ways. It’s been pretty cool to see Amazon & PayPal’s usage of them, so naturally it’s nice to see Yahoo! follow suit. Too bad I don’t use their search engine, but the more the merrier. As a consumer, I dig options.

Via her majesty.