Valve vs. HL2CTF Team

Valve, the company that made Half-Life 1 and 2 was challenged by the Half-Life 2 Capture The Flag Team to a game of Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag. To quote the news release that Valve issued today, “…we’ve been challenged to a game of Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag by the team that created this mod. We noticed on their website that they want to “beat up on Valve” in a match that starts today at 6:00 pm PST. While our relationship with the MOD community usually involves us providing tools and support, we’re more than happy to give them a beating in their own game.”

You can attempt to spectate, but if you haven’t signed up already, I’d just wait for the aftermath coverage.

More info at the guys who made the mod.

Reminds me of another company I know…

2 Replies to “Valve vs. HL2CTF Team”

  1. Damn, I wish i could watch that..

    I know Robin Walker of Valve, and going by the fact he was actually rated Australias best Quake player (seriously i think he even wh00ped Thresh – the guy who won idSoftware Johny Roms ferrai – this maybe a good match to watch..

    He may have lost his touch since the ol Quake days but remember this guy invented Team Fortress! so imagine his understanding of CTF technically and virtually…

  2. Robin Walker? What was his nickname? I always consided Reload to be the best quake aussie player ever, and to this day his playing style (ultra-high sensitivity) is still my favorite to watch.

    I don’t think any aussie has played Thresh, though. I think the only official/known quake 1 match he lost was to Reptile, a north american.

    Oh, and the Ferrari was from John Carmack. :P

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