Submitted MXDU 2005 Papers

I missed 2004, but I am not missing 2005. It’s been tough to really think about new and ground breaking things to speak about; the suggestions come freely when I ask the community, so maybe I’m holding my standards too high?. I submitted what I think is cool, and then utilized the new teaching opportunity they are offering to deal with the things everyone else requested (majority). I submitted 3 potential sessions and 3 potential, half-day classes. We’ll see what bites by the end of next week, hopefully, so I can plan modifications, travel, feedback, etc.

More info on MXDU 2005.

4 Replies to “Submitted MXDU 2005 Papers”

  1. Hey Jesse, glad to hear that you’re thinking of coming Down Under again. Had dinner with Craig Harcombe the other night – I’m sure that you remember the wild night that you had with him in the Cross ;)

  2. How could I forget… ‘specially when every Aussie I know reminds me, hehe!

    …I must admit, however, I was certainly relaxed and happy the next morning for my speech.

    I sure hope you and he are going to MXDU 2005, assuming I’ll be there. It’ll be great to catch up!

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