Good MP3’s

I like long mixes when I work. So, here are some good mixes I’ve been listening to lately and hopefully you’ll like one of them, too!

Progressive Breaks

Hybrid – DJ Set At Two Tribes Melbourne (2004-03-07) Part 1 & 2

Their Tokyo mix is pretty hot too at 29:00 minutes… they just show off their audio sillz. The levels are kind of low, though.

Low Key Progressive Trance

Way Out West – Proton Radio Featured Artist Mix (2004-09-08) Part 1 & 2

I personally don’t like part 2 very much, but 1 is off the chain in some parts.

German Drum & Bass

My co-worker, Frankie Loscavio, has been turning me onto a lot of Drum and Bass artists I’ve never heard of before. I wasn’t really into a lot of D&B or Jungle, but some of it really is pretty good when your not in a happy techno mood, and want something more edgy, angry, and not so scripted via a 4×4 house beat… beautiful chaos.

Supposedly this German’s site keeps going down or whatever, so I’m hosting my favorite mix, and an additional one. His stuff r0X0R$!


DJ-GIS In The Mix.mp3

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  1. i just bought a copy of what i think is one of the most amazing pieces of music ever ColdCut and Journey’s by DJ’s re released mind blowing and even better second time around.

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