Sky Captain & The Forgotten

No spoilers.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

It was ok. I dug the whole 50’s, bluish feel, the soft tones, the grandiose, yet dark feel of the filming. I liked how air superiority was a truly expounded concept in this flic.

However, I thought a lot of character development was not very well executed. I found it hard to really attach myself to any of the characters, aside from a minor one they encountered in Tibet. They jsut didn’t have much too them, and although they weren’t shallow, there just weren’t enough quirks. The personification of the plane was another example towards the personification side of things; the plane could of been taken soo much further. Remember the Batmobile in Batman? It had character, it had style, it WAS a personfied part of Batman. I think the plane was almost there… but the relationship between pilot and craft was on the extreme of indifferent. The flip-side would be like Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars… now THERE was a relationship.

Worth $8? Wait for the DVD unless you have a student/company discount.

The Forgotten

Fuggin’ awesome. Basically, a mother’s lost her son in an airplane crash, and is trying to emotionally deal with the loss, which is obviously hard on her. She’s in therapy, in a nice house in the city. However, certain “forgetful”ness things start to happen. It starts with a cup she thought she had just placed on a table… to forgetting the location of objects, to pictures not looking the same as before. Things go deep from there…

It’s one of those flics that has the calm intensity of Pitch Black, the ability to rouse a theatre out of their seats more than once (only saw that ever happen in Signs and the original Scream), and make you feel pretty small and insignifant, yet hopeful at the same time. Great date flic… better than Sky Captain. It is Sci-fi, but doesn’t have that as the overall tone, blatant enough to sell itself as it, so non-sci-fi’ers may still find this one approachable.

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  1. yeah, I’ll pretty much agree with you about The Forgotten, although I don’t know if i would go as high a rating as “Fuggin’ awesome” ;)

    My gf screamed so loud though that everone started laughing at her…THAT was fuggin’ awesome.

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