The Challenges of a Flash Developer

Taking a break from contract & homework to lament on something I’ve been thinking about all day…

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  1. Hang in there Jessie..
    I (and I’d bet a lot of the other corporate Flash developers)have been going through a LOT of the same stuff lately.. so you aren’t alone here.

  2. ditto!

    Doubtless there are many bright/talented Flash programmers, though clueless/posers abound.
    The talent pool can get a bit shallow when trying to put a larger team together – even tougher to get programmers accustomed to working alone/independently to code within a unified system/framework.

    >>mike>> “corporate Flash developers” :)

  3. Honestly Jesse, I know EXACTLY where you’re coming from and as evil as it sounds I think you should reserve a weekend, sit down, install visual studio and build a basic smart client. I’m not saying one is better than the other– just give it a try, read the API’s and you decide for yourself. While you wait for VS.NET do install, you might also be interested to check out what a starting salary is for a .NET developer.

  4. I’ve been meanging to screw with .NET since forever ago. Problem is, I have too much fun playing with Flash. Someday, I swear, I will…

  5. Hang in there jessie!!!! You will make it! In every tunnel, you will get to the light.

    Long live Corporate Flashers

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