Recreate classpath if Flash can’t find your class

So, I can’t compile. Flash can’t find my class. I reply, “It’s right there you tard…” Flash repeats itself. I like techno, but I hate things that repeat themselves for the sake of repetition. Through grit teeth, a spark fires in my brain and I remember while reading about class paths not to delete the main one, and if so, how to fix it. Cool, while I go to find it, I’m like, “I didn’t delete nuffin’, Flash is smoking crack.” Anyway, I find $(LocalData)/Classes, and paste it back in. Great, internal classes work, but my shite still doesn’t.

Then, in desperation, I remember that there was one other classpath there originally… a “.”. Add that in, and poof, all works.

Please update the docs for supposed st00pid users like me that magically delete classpaths and because of shrooms they don’t remember how to correctly fix their classpaths.

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