Packages Rock

No, I’m not talking about the “Package Cam” over at <a href=””>Gmunk</a>. I mean the class packages you can use in Flash MX 2004. I felt like I should be careful in using too many packages because if I let it get out of hand, I may have too much code everywhere. After <a href=””>Darron’s</a> response to Andreas and my question about them on Flashn00bz, he pretty much said it’s up to you. So, I started organizing stuff like I would with files in folders based on subject. At first, I thought it was kind of dumb… I was like, “I’m not gonna end up with frikin’ MM’s setup, like they have in their Classes folder where Flash is installed.”

Boy was I wrong. I’ve got so many code files… and they are all organized! I couldn’t imagine NOT having packages knowing what I know now.

Definately a must for the next version of Flash is some form of integration with Shared Libraries… not sure how, but if I don’t want to SWC everything up front to keep it still editable, I shouldn’t have too.

Packages rule.

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